NC Bank Directors' College

In response to the need for quality bank directors prompted by an increase in de novo banks within North Carolina, the N.C. Office of the Commissioner of Banks, in conjunction with the FDIC, started an intensive training program designed specifically for bank directors. The North Carolina Bank Directors' College was initiated in 1998 under Commissioner Hal D. Lingerfelt. The school was developed from planning sessions with members of state and federal banking agencies, college professors, and banking industry professionals. Only the second of its kind in the nation, the NC Bank Directors' College targets newly appointed bank directors, but has proven to be of great value to directors of all experience levels.

Directors’ College mission is to deliver a program that provides directors with instruction on key banking issues and helps them understand the importance of their fiduciary responsibilities to both the bank’s shareholders and the communities they serve. Typically, new outside directors are successful and knowledgeable in their fields of business, but often have a limited background in the banking industry. However, they are responsible for developing policies, making crucial strategic decisions, and determining the overall direction of the bank. The responsibilities are daunting, and our goal is to instill an understanding of the unique and vital role directors play in the success of a bank.

Participants are provided with approximately 25 hours of "classroom" instruction over a two-month period. The curriculum of the College requires attendance at two sessions, with each session lasting approximately two days. The target audience for the College is directors, executive officers and individuals interested in serving on a financial institution’s board of directors or executive management team. Due to the College’s interactive instruction, enrollment is limited to 55 registrants.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone this Director training event until further notice.

Agendas for the 2019 session of Directors’ College: