RAL Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a RAL registration?

Complete the RAL application.

If I submit a RAL application, but then realize I want to add one or more locations, What do I do?

Once you submit your application, it is locked, and no changes can be made. If you need to add a location or make other changes, contact RAL@NCCOB.gov and we will assist you. There will be a $250 fee charged for each new location added.

Do I have to renew the license? How do I renew the license?

The RAL registration is renewed annually between September 1 through December 1. The renewal can be done on NCCOB Online. The renewal fee is $100 for each office facilitating refund anticipation loans.

Is there an annual report requirement?


May RAL customers be charged for any other service by arranging payment using proceeds of the refund anticipation loan?

No. This is a prohibited act pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 53-250(5).

How long will it take for my initial application to be reviewed and approved?

We process applications in the order they are received. The timeframe for review and approval will depend on how complete the application is upon receipt by the office.

If my application is incomplete, how will I know?

If required information is missing from the application, a deficiency will be noted on the application through NCCOB Online. The applicant will receive an email that instructs them to login to NCCOB Online and review the deficiencies.

How long will it take for my renewal to be reviewed and approved?

Renewal applications are reviewed in the order they are received. The timeframe for review and approval will depend on whether all the necessary information has been submitted. Please bear in mind that any changes made to the existing registration will be reviewed as part of the renewal process.

Does NCCOB mail me my registration once I am approved?

No, you will be notified of the approval by e mail and can then print the registration certificate from NCCOB Online.

My business is being bought out, may I transfer my current RAL registration to the new owner(s)?

No. The RAL registrations are non-transferable. The new owner(s) must file a new application.

I am having trouble logging in to NCCOB Online, what do I do?

If you run into any issues logging in, please contact the NCCOB IT department at NCCOBDevelopers@nccob.gov.

I am renewing my registration this year. Why do I have to file an application again?

You will need to verify that all information previously submitted for the application is still current and upload any new documents that are required for the upcoming year.

Is there a late renewal period for Refund Anticipation Loans?

No. The renewal period is from September 1 through December 1.

Can I fax or mail in supporting documentation for my initial/renewal application?

No. You must upload all supporting documentation for your initial/renewal application by logging in to NCCOB Online.

I was previously registered with NCCOB and have been out of the industry for a while. Can I renew my original registration?

No. If you do not renew the registration annually, then you must file a new application with our office.

I was previously registered as one type of business, and I have changed my business type since last year. Can I renew my existing registration as is?

No. If you have made a change to the business type of your company, you must file a new application with our office. For further reference, please review 04 NCAC03J.0205.